23. March 2017 8:30–18:00

Grandior Hotel Prague Na Poříčí 42 Praha 1



Petr Koubský

He graduated from VŠCHT in Prague. He worked as a programmer; in 1990 – 2007, he was expert journalist focused on IT. He managed the Softwarové noviny and Inside magazines. Since 2008, he has been active as freelance analyst and consultant. He provides external lectures at the Department of Information Technologies at the Prague University of Economics. His professional interests include sociology and economy of informatics, safety and mobile technologies.


Denisa Kollárová

She is the head of marketing in Česká televize. Among other places she gained experience in TV Prima (channels COOL, Love and ZOOM). She and her team make sure that information about the programmes and services of Česká televize are spread not only through linear broadcast; they also take care of the visual aspect of the individual TV channels and many other things. She is interested in technology, design and modern art, growing her own produce and cats.

Petr Mazanec

Petr Mazanec is head of development of applications for smart TV sets at Mautilus, s.r.o. that, since 2011, has prepared dozens of television applications for customers from all over the world, for infinite number of models of TV sets and set-top boxes from all important manufacturers: Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba or VESTEL. An overwhelming majority of the implemented projects consists of OTT applications, often interconnected with mobile phones and tablets. When Peter is not in his office, he plays tennis or travels with his family across the countries of former Yugoslavia or the USSR. He has neither computer nor TV set at home.



Stefan Schneiders

Stefan Schneiders is leading the Sales and Marketing department at Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) since September 2013. He has more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications and media industry. Over the past two decades he has been involved as senior expert in the development of industry innovations such as Mobile TV, Mobile Payment, Information Security and Biometrics.

Prior to his current position, Stefan was responsible for Mobile TV & Video solutions at Nokia Siemens Networks and Business Development for Mobile TV & Advertising at Siemens Networks. Other positions at Siemens included acting as COO for the international consortium PayCircle and supporting the Open Mobile Alliances M-Commerce Working Group as Vice Chairman. He started his management career at Siemens acting as Head of Business Development for Information Security. 

Stefan studied Computer Science at the University of the German Army (Bundeswehr) in Neubiberg near Munich.

General Manager Sales and Marketing

Institut für Rundfunktechnik

Pawel Tutka

Pawel Tutka actively participates in the development of the HbbTV and Smart TV market in Poland. He initiated in Poland the development of the hybrid TV in the HbbTV standard, starting first tests of HbbTV in 2012, in cooperation with TVP and TVN television companies. He has participated in the development of several dozen HbbTV application. He is a consultant on numerous projects that are based on HbbTV. Currently in hybra.tv company, Pawel focuses on the creation and development interactive TV advertising based on HbbTV.