Grandior Hotel Prague, Na Poříčí 42, Praha 1

Call for papers

We are pleased to announce you that the TVCON program preparation is underway and we would be very pleased if you could be part of it. The TVCON conference is the largest OTT conference in Central Europe and is held annually in Prague.
The latest informations from the world of TV and OTT will be presented on April 24th in hotel Grandior.
Last year, we welcomed more than 200 business professionals with common goals and perspective of the future of the Czech and European markets.
Without suitable and innovative topics and speakers, TVCON would not be the same what it is.
We would like to ask you to reflect on the ideas and unique peaks that affect the future of TV and OTT industry.
Examples of topics you can look forward to:
  • HbbTV, customer behavior, TV viewing
  • New opportunities in advertising
  • OTT and the future of television
  • Development, application programming
If you have any idea of another ,interesting topic you would like to talk about, let us know until the 28th of March 2018.
 We look forward to all your ideas and themes that will help us improve TVCON to further refine.

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