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  • Jan Brychta

    Jan Brychta has been the editor-in-chief of since January 2016. Before that he worked as an editor in the weeklies Marketing&Media and Strategie and as a reporter for the television show Občanské judo. He can boast marketing and PR experience from his time at Český rozhlas (Czech Radio Broadcasting). He is a graduate of the College of Publicity and Social and Media Studies

    Chief Editor


  • František Bauma

    Graduate from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech University of Technology where he focused on web technologies. Worked as the product manager at the Webgarden publishing service. Eventually, he moved from websites to advertising and in recent years has been responsible for product development at R2B2.

    Head of Product Development


  • Pavel Dvořák

    Pavel spent much of his career at the Federal Statistical Office working on statistical data processing and IT applications. In the nineties, he worked for several information technology companies (including APP and ICZ). In 1998–2002, he was a ministry adviser and member of the ČSSD expert group on information and communication technology. He is the co-author of the State Information Policy and was involved in the drafting of various IT laws. From 2003 to 30 April 2005, he worked as the advisor of the administrative bodies of ČESKÝ TELECOM, a.s. From 1 May 2005, he was member of the Board; on 1 April 2006, the government appointed him chairman of the Council of the Czech Telecommunication Office and later extended his tenure in 2009 and April 2010. He was in charge of the technical group that managed frequencies during the digitalisation of terrestrial broadcasting and took part in the work of the National Coordination Group. He was a member of the CTO Council from 2005 to 2015. For seven years he was its chairman, from April 2006 to April 2013. Since 2015, he has been an advisor at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, from July 2016 as the chairman of its coordination group for the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting.

    Federal Statistical Office

    Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu ČR

  • Lars Friedrichs

    Lars Friedrichs works for TeraVolt which has developed SmartPages one oft he most popular HbbTV Microsite frameworks. Before he joined TeraVolt in 2015, Lars worked 11 years for ProSiebenSat.1 one of Germany’s largest braoadcasters and was responsible for all HbbTV and Teletext activities.

    Director at TeraVolt


  • Simon Frost

    Simon Frost is the Head of Marketing and Business Development, EMEA for AWS Elemental, part of Amazon Web Services. Prior to this he was the global Head of Media Marketing and Communications at Ericsson.

    Frost has more than 20 years' experience in the broadcast, Pay TV, internet and telecommunications sectors where he has driven industry shifts and customer-focussed solutions. Frost is a regular industry speaker and event chair.

    Prior to Ericsson, Frost held senior positions, including Vice President, IPTV Compression Solutions, Business Development Director at TANDBERG Television. He has previously worked for Harmonic and Philips Digital Networks architecting customer video solutions.

    Head of Marketing and Business Development, EMEA

    AWS Elemental (Amazon)

  • Pavel Górecki

    Pavel Górecki along with his brother Petr founded GoNET s.r.o. in his first year at Silesian University in Karvina in 1996. The company has been fully committed to creating web projects from the very beginning. It is worth mentioning, for example, the largest program guide in the Czech Republic,, or the portal. At the end of 2016, after several years of testing, the company launched its own IPTV with the name Lepší.TV. Thanks to a detailed understanding of the IPTV business, GoNET s.r.o. offers a sophisticated hardware and software solutions with a host of unique features and technological innovations. It is the experience gained through the operation of Lepší.TV that has enabled the company to enter the market with a complete IPTV (OTT) turnkey platform. When Paul has some free time, he enjoys various sports activities and adventurous travel to various parts of the world.



  • Daniel Grunt

    Daniel Grunt graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Czech University of Life Science Prague and he received an MBA  from UNYP. Previously, he has worked, as the Product and Marketing Director of, a Multimedia Business Manager at Nokia and as the Director of Internet at TV Nova. Before joining FTV Prima, he worked at Sanoma Media Prague as the Director of New Media. In his current position as the Director PRIMA ON-LINE he is responsible for all activities related to new media, such as online and mobile strategies and website development, etc.

    Director of Prima on-line


  • Tomáš Hanzák

    He has worked at Nielsen Admosphere since 2006, a time when he was still deep in his study of econometrics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University (Ph.D. in 2014). In the first years he devoted himself to projects in the banking sector. Since 2010, as a principal analyst, he has been primarily concerned with measuring TV viewing ratings and working with media research data (statistical modelling, media planning, cross-media research, etc.). By working with the European data science team, Nielsen aims to raise the statistical quality of TV viewing ratings in Europe to the Czech level.

    Senior analytik

    Nielsen Admosphere

  • Petr Hatlapatka

    Petr Hatlapatka is responsible for sales of online products including HbbTV of Media-Club company, which – among other activities – exclusively represents FTV Prima. Since 2015, he has implemented dozens of campaigns for different clients and cooperated on the development of several HbbTV applications. In the end of 2016, he finished the initial phase of the deployment of HbbTV format – Red Button, Switch-in, HbbTV Synchro, Video ads, Banners in applications. The second phase is expected to be done in 2017. He dedicates his free time to the family as they usually go to mountains – whether on bike, snowboard, cross-country or ski.

    Leader of online sales

    FTV Prima

  • Lukáš Hnilička

    The founder and CEO of Hybrid Company, which focuses on HbbTV technology linking TV and the internet. Hybrid is an innovative leader in CEE specialising in the marketing and monetisation of interactive screens. Lukáš is regarded as a leading visionary and implementer in the field of new media. Previously, he worked for 10 years as the CTO of TV Óčko. His favourite free-time activity is pressing the red button.

  • David Kratochvíl

    David Kratochvíl is the Key Client Manager at R2B2 which runs the R2B2 Multiscreen digital ad network. He’s in charge of major advertisers which include both international agencies and direct purchasers. In his work with advertisers, he has gained extensive experience with programmatic purchasing and implementation of HbbTV campaigns. He is a passionate basketball player and credits his love of the sport for his tirelessness and drive in selling programmatic ads.

    Key Client Manager


  • Petr Mazanec

    Petr Mazanec is head of development of applications for smart TV sets at Mautilus, s.r.o. that, since 2011, has prepared dozens of television applications for customers from all over the world, for infinite number of models of TV sets and set-top boxes from all important manufacturers: Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba or VESTEL. An overwhelming majority of the implemented projects consists of OTT applications, often interconnected with mobile phones and tablets. When Peter is not in his office, he plays tennis or travels with his family across the countries of former Yugoslavia or the USSR. He has neither computer nor TV set at home.



  • Petr Miláček

    His start in media came in 1998 when he was hired by the agency Mediaplan Praha as an analyst and IT manager. He worked on media research, target group analysis, and media and consumer behaviour. He worked at the MediaWise and PHD agencies, where he was involved in strategic media planning and also contributed to new business. He co-founded the website and wrote the media planning handbooks Media Guru Offline 1 and 2. He headed the research department of OmnicomMediaGroup and then managed research at TV Prima, where he also participated in the cross-media product of Prima and He currently heads one of PHD’s client teams.

    Client Service Director


  • Ladislav Navrátil

    Ladislav Navrátil is the chief architect at nangu.TV, where he is involved in reshaping how people consume television. Ladislav spent almost 10 years creating marketing products and fell in love with mobile devices, leading him to work on projects such as and Among other things, he helped startups in Sillicon Valley design and define their products.

    Chief Architect


  • Marcel Para

    In the 90s, Marcel was the CEO of Kabel Plus, Východné Slovensko, a.s., the operator of a cable TV network that was later sold to UPC. In those years, the company launched several services that were unique at the time, such as phone calls within the network, ordering books from a library, ordering programme channels from home and more. Later he became an entrepreneur and a deputy CEO of TV JOJ while it was moving from Košice to Bratislava. In 2003, he became deputy CEO of Slovak TV where he was among other things in charge of the largest TV restructuring in Central Europe. Having left this position, he worked as a new media and crisis management consultant. In recent years, he also operated the OTT TV MeToo internet TV. At the end of last year, he launched the new channel PARK TV.

  • Nikola Pařízková

    Nikola Pařízková is the executive director of the TV stations Relax, Rebel and Rebel 2 Slušnej kanál and INFO TV Brno a Jižní Morava. She graduated from the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism of Charles University and the Department of International Political Economics at the Universidade Federal in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she remains active in academia. She started working in media in 2013 when she joined the media group of her father, Radim Pařížek. Since 2016, she has been in charge of management of the television sector, which currently consists of three nationwide television channels. In addition to the operation and strategic development of these stations, she is responsible for the new INFO TV Brno a Jižní Morava project, which aims to create community regional media and to connect the TV and radio platform in cooperation with the Dálnice radio station.

    Executive Director of Television Stations

    Digital Broadcasting

  • Hizam Sahibudeen

    An avid Software and Computer Engineer with over 16 years of experience, Hizam joined iflix as the Head of Engineering to build and lead the development centre in Czech Republic. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in embedded systems, application development and development of telecommunication protocols. He has worked in numerous industries such as surveillance systems, semiconductor, e-commerce, telecommunications and broadcasting. Prior to joining iflix in 2014, Hizam was the CTO of idottv, where he lead a rapid development team to the completion of design and development of mobile applications and solutions for telecommunication companies across South East Asia.

    Hizam spent 10 years living in the Bay Area, California, USA, with 7 years of working experience in the field of Software and Computer Engineering followed by 6 years of work experience in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia and neighbouring countries) in the field of Software Engineering Management and Leadership. Lived in Cape Town, South Africa for few months while helping to setup the engineering team there and now based in Prague for almost 2 years.

    He holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Computer Engineering from California, USA.

    Head of Engineering - Czech Republic


  • Václav Sochor

    Václav Sochor works as the Head of Communications Dept. at Tipsport. He is also the Chairman of the Governing Board of Tipsport Foundation. Prior to his appointment he was a consultant for Bison & Rose, where he was responsible for media strategy and media coordination of the agency. Having graduated from the Charles University in Prague with a Masters in Political Sciences, Václav started working in media in 1994 when he joined Nova TV. One year later he acceded to the newly established Czech editorial office of the BBC in Prague and in 1996 moved to work for the BBC in London. Five years later he returned to Prague and worked for the BBC there until 2006, when the service was closed. He then worked on the Z1 news television as the first head of its foreign news desk, and later became the Editor-in-Chief of ČRo Rádio Česko news station (2011–2013) while also presenting four news & current affairs magazines there and on other Czech Radio stations. He also worked as the Publisher of professional titles at Economia Publishing House, Editor-in-Chief of Marketing & Media weekly (2013-2014), Editor-in-Chief of Strategie (2007–2009) weekly, the bimonthly TravelFocus (2003–2007) and Barlife (2004–2006) magazines. In 2008, he anchored Media and the World weekly magazine of the Czech Television. In addition, he is also a leading media trainer, the Deputy Chairman of IVLP Club at American Center in Prague and a loving father of 8 mths old Antonie.

    Head of Corporate Communications at Tipsport


  • Petr Tichý

    Having completed his studies at Prague’s University of Economics, he almost by accident ended up at the Mindshare media agency and started to work in digital marketing; he hopes to continue for as long as the internet is around. He is currently in charge of the digital department and the digital communication of brands such as Ford, Unilever, Nike and F&F.

    Digital Strategist,Interaction


  • Martina Vacková

    She studied the history of anthropology in the Department of General Anthropology of the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in Prague. However, she is involved in this field only in her spare time. She has worked in PR and marketing for ten years. For five years she has headed the PR and marketing department of the Pohoda Media Group of entrepreneur and visionary Radim Pařížek. She actively participated in the media campaign for the first wave of digital terrestrial broadcasting in the DVB-T standard, the so-called first wave of digitisation, and is actively working on an internal PR strategy for the transition to DVB-T2. Specifically, she oversees the communication activities of Digital Broadcasting s.r.o, Progress Digital s.r.o. and the RELAX, REBEL and REBEL 2 Slušnej kanál thematic channels. She also supervises the radio section – Rádio Čas, Rádio Dálnice and Rádio Čas Rock, which are also part of the Pohoda Media Group. She is also involved in the CITRON and Bohemian Metal Rhapsody rock music projects.

    Head of PR & Marketing

    Digital Broadcasting

  • Martijn van Horssen

    Martijn Van Horssen is the CEO and founder of 24i Media, a leading provider of multi-screen TV apps. Together with his friend and companion Hans Disch, Martijn founded 24i Media in 2009 and since then has led the company as CEO.

    Rewarded with Deloitte's Fast 50 Rising Star as an innovative and disruptive media technology start-up, 24i has grown into a thought and market leader in engineering TV apps on all devices, screens and platforms - from set top boxes and SmartTVs to gaming consoles and mobile devices.

    24i creates and maintains state-of-the-art TV apps for leading TV channels and operators, like RTL, FOX and KPN, in Europe and abroad. A frequent speaker at numerous industry conferences, Martijn is a recognised thought-leader and innovator who is credited with numerous technological breakthroughs in OTT, including development of the first 4K on-demand and live streaming apps for Smart TVs for RTL Videoland and Televisa.

  • Josef Vašica

    Graduate from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University who already during his studies started working at DCIT. He rose through the ranks from programmer and project management positions to the management of the PROVYS division and eventually the company’s board. He was involved in the creation and development of the PROVYS project and its delivery to many TV companies in the CR and Europe. In 2015, he founded the Stream Circle group which in 2016 transformed into a subsidiary of a share company offering services under the same name. He continues to develop his primary interest in the process and technology aspects of the development of the TV market and in future trends.

  • Yiannis Vougiouklakis

    Head of Technology and Product Development and Internet Responsible for the complete delivery of the ERT’s online platform, which includes a complete infrastructure refresh, site data centers, streamelining the platforms operational processes and developing a number of procedures in order to support corporation-wide digital archive & file-based, digital WebTV production media workflows, Smart and Hybrid services

    New Media General Director

    ERT SA

  • Tomáš Vyskočil

    Tomáš Vyskočil’s career has been closely tied to movies and TV series ever since his youth when he founded the film magazine; his next project was the portal focusing on TV shows and today he runs the Filmtoro online search engine for movies available for online purchase. He worked as a manager for, and He dreams of a future where films and TV shows aren’t pirated but easily available on smart TVs.



  • Jan Zeman

    Jan Zeman graduated in film and television journalism. He has been working in the Czech Television since 1988 where he ensures the operation of teletext and HbbTV broadcasting on following TV channels: CT1, CT2, CT24 and CT sport. In his free time, he plays tennis in the summer and snowboards in the winter.

    Director of HbbTV

    Česká televize