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Venue and Contact

Event date – 16th April 2014, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Place of the event
City Conference Center (KCC)
Na Strži 65/1702
140 00 Praha 4

How to reach the City Conference Center (KCC):

By subway
Take line C until you reach Panrkác metro station and then take either escalator up to the next level where you will have to take an additional escalator or stairs to reach ground level.  Once outside you can clearly see the KCC, which is situated approximately 150m from the metro station.

By car

If travelling northbound from Brno on Highway D1, follow the E50 route, which then becomes 5. Kvetna (May 5th Street) or locally known as ‘Magistrala’ and is more of an inner-city highway or boulevard than a typical city street.  From there you should easily recognize the Arkády shopping center on your left-hand side, where you can find parking.

Parking Information

Ample parking has been made available for all visitors in the Arkády shopping center parking lot located less than 100m from the KCC. Please note in advance that the first 3 hours of parking there are free and any additional time is 40 Czech crowns per hour.

If you have any questions regarding registration and participation, please contact our Event Manager:

Mirka Hofmanová

phone: +420 775 854 229