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TV CON is a venue where television meets online video, applications and gaming. You will be able to see TV market from the perspective of technology, content and business. Hbbtv, OTT, VOD and all the other abbreviations you dream of. Lets have a look at the future of TV.

Future content strategies- what sort of video content will be used in the future and how?

Advanced TV services- what are the extras you (and them) might use to make your viewer happy?

Multi channel networks and video monetization- who are YouTubers? Where do they go? What other technologies they use? Is YouTube the only channel for promoting talents?

OTT evolution- what is the current status of OTT world?

Short form content- are the traditional video formats loosing ground to shortform? What is shortform about?

Drone wireless video- what are the opportunities and restrictions, while using drones?

The new video environment- trends and upcoming patterns in video market.

HbbTV in the Czech Republic and Europe- current situation of HbbTV, monetization, interactive advertising and others forms of use

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