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    • logo České Radiokomunikace

      České Radiokomunikace

      České Radiokomunikace a. s. is the greatest expert in the broadcasting service market. It was the first in the Czech Republic to launch both public and commercial digital TV broadcasting. České Radiokomunikace offers also comprehensive portfolio of telecommunication and ICT services through its own infrastructure for wholesale and corporate customers. For more information go to

    • logo Digital Broadcasting

      Digital Broadcasting

      In the beginning of the year 2012 company Digital Broadcasting Ltd (DB) became an owner of the fourth digital multiplex (MUX4). This network is called „Broadcasting Network no.4" in the Czech Republic. DB has finished construction of the network in the extent which has been planned, it means at present the network covers 86% of the Czech households (according to the technique ITU-R P.1546-2CA). In 2013 , we achieved already cover 95.5 % of the population (as determined by ITU - R P.1812-2 evaluation ) and Digital Broadcasting Ltd. Became an alternative operator with nationwide TV terrestrial networks .

    • logo Suitest


      The company Suitest brings a revolutionary end-to-end test automation solution for Smart TV applications. Through years of experience with development of apps for Smart TVs, we have created a solution which will save your personnel cost, accelerate testing process and reduce time to market. Suitest helps to test HbbTV and all other Smart TV apps. Among our clients are VOD and OTT providers.

  • Organizer and expert guarantor

    • logo Mautilus


      Mautilus is a team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in OTT multiscreen application development. The company provides custom applications for international leaders in VOD services and TV broadcasting within all major platforms including smartphones, smart TVs, game consoles, set-top boxes, and HbbTV. But the company also focuses on SmartHome, IoT and VR/AR.

      Mautilus has also prepared several HbbTV products, e.g. HbbTV Event Manager (HENMAN), which allows administration and planning of HbbTV interactive advertisement, and a variety of different OTT white-label solutions including prepared graphical design and standard functionalities that can be customised according to customers’ requirements.

      Unique applications of the company are being used by clients such as HBO, T-Mobile, Telefónica O2, ShowMax, CME, Siemens and dozens of other companies on every continent.

  • Organizer

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      You know well what is on TV now. But what will be on in a year or two? And will it actually be the television we know today? untangles the relations in the TV market and analyzes trends not only of digital broadcasting. It follows the spectator moods, technological innovations, movements of money and people in the branch. Knowledgeable comments help both to TV fans and to professionals. The editorial board, led by Jan Brychta, gets first-hand information from people who control the most important media in the Czech Republic.

  • Production

    • logo Internet Info

      Internet Info

      Internet Info provides value-added contents. It offers expertise in the web, conferences, workshops and trainings. It presents unique topics, provides contexts, builds on the peculiarity of personalities and objectiveness of information with accurate hit. That's why the news service of Internet Info are read by more than 1,8 million people a month.

      Internet Info publishes specialized servers on IT, Internet, telecommunications, new technologies, business, finance, taxes, digital broadcasting and lifestyle. It organizes dozens of educational events and operates TUESDAY Business Network, a social network in real world for companies and professionals.