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  • Internet and TV connection
  • SmartTV
  • Multimedia content
  • Application developement
  • HbbTV
  • OTT
  • Trends in TV marketing
  • Social TV
  • Wearables

Internet and the TV are entering a complicated relationship. They love each other, they need each other and they are quarreling all the time. Sort of matrimonio all'italiana, perhaps. What a pity not to look deeply inside! New big things and new businesses are used to form just in such situations.

TVCON 2014 maps the space where TV meets Internet video, mobile content and games. It deals with topics from streaming video to applications development, from interactive TV to mobile, from SmartTV to Chromecast. We'll examine the future of connected TV in the terms of content, business and technology. The conference is essential for anybody who wants to keep the pace with the current and future media.