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Venue and contact

  • Event date

    1. April 2015 9:00–17:00

    Place of the event

    Grandior Hotel Prague
    Na Poříčí 42
    Praha 1
    110 00
  • Contact

    Lenka Petrašová
    Event Director
    phone number: 775 854 239

How to get there

  • Metro lines B or C

    Station Florenc

    300 metres from metro station

  • Bus lines 194 or 207

    Stop Bílá labuť

    50 metres from bus station Bílá labuť

  • Tram lines 3, 8 or 24

    Stop Bílá labuť

    50 metres from tram station Bílá labuť

  • Parking

    Right at the place

  • Arrival by plane

    Take bus No. 100 from the airport to the terminal metro stop Zličín where you change to the metro Zličín, B line (yellow), then travel to Florenc.